About us

Toneelmakerij is always on the move. We make bold, high-quality theatre for young audiences, and we do it with love for language, cross-disciplinary experimentation and social engagement. As well as performing in small and medium-sized theatres, we take our plays into the classroom, where the experience and sense of connection is at its most intensive and intimate. We also make site-specific productions, and we are active in local districts of Amsterdam and at summer festivals.

Scènefoto Mehmet de Veroveraar © Sanne Peper

Major changes are underway in the company. On 1 January 2019, our artistic director Liesbeth Coltof will be passing the baton to director Paul Knieriem – and long-standing in-house writer and actor Roel Adam will also be leaving. Knieriem will gradually take over more of Coltof’s responsibilities over the course of 2017 and 2018, and from January 2019 he will assume full responsibility for leading the company. He will continue to build on Toneelmakerij’s outstanding artistic foundations.