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Age of Rage

The world is hard, you can’t snuggle up against it

There’s a girl in a police cell, and she’s angry. She’s 16, and she’s smart. She’s smarter than her parents, and smarter than most other people, too. She thinks about things, and the world, and life, and stuff like that. She’s going to say it like it is, because she’s scared her future’s about to explode.

She didn’t even do much wrong, really, she reckons. All she did was throw a pie in a politician’s face. But then they pinned her down on the ground, arrested her and locked her up. It’s only making her more angry, and she’s already got enough reasons to be angry: her parents have been divorcing for the last year, she’s debt-relief poor, and every time she tries to form an opinion, she’s cut down again by her psychologists, teachers or classmates.

Age of Rage is about a combative girl who’s trying all she can to move forward, but she keeps on getting dragged down. She wants to be heard, but nobody’s listening.

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