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Desert Jasmines

Toneelmakerij & George & Eran Productions

Jacob and his daughter Nour are searching for a safe place where they can settle for good. They travel great distances and they face great dangers along the way. Throughout this journey, Jacob tells  the most enchanting, funny and imaginative stories, transforming their gruelling trip into a great adventure. He paints the long, bleak days with the colours of a fairytale – in which Nour is the princess, customs agents are guard dogs, a migration official is an ice queen and their fellow travellers become desert jasmine flowers.

The play's author George Elias Tobal came to the Netherlands as a refugee from Syria when he was 13 years old, and for many years he lived in a succession of refugee centres. When he thinks back to his home town of Aleppo, he recalls the deserted streets during siesta, seeing his fellow citizens out for a stroll, and school classrooms packed with 50 children. In the tradition of the wonderful Italian film Life Is Beautiful, Desert Jasmines is a tribute to the power of the imagination in wartime, wrapped in a poetic tale of courage and innocence.

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