European Writers Lab

Toneelmakerij & Krakeling theatre & Bellevue theatre 2015

Toneelmakerij’s Liesbeth Coltof and Paulien Geerlings are the initiators and driving forces behind the European Writers Lab. Five young writers from the Netherlands, the UK, Germany and Norway each worked on a new theatre text over a period of eighteen months. They received individual coaching and guidance from one writer from their own country, and another from one of the other participating countries.. 

The five writers and their mentors came to each edition of Theatre Café, attending all the events together and discussing the texts they heard. The young authors also discussed the progress of their own texts with one another and with their mentors. Th e participants’ wide-ranging cultural backgrounds generated refreshing observations and comments – and heated debates on the do's and don'ts of writing theatre texts for young people.


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