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Hansel & Gretel

a magical music theatre show for the whole family

Toneelmakerij and Silbersee present Hansel Gretel.  
This time Hansel and Gretel aren’t lost in a forest – they’re roaming the deserted streets of the big city at night, because their parents have thrown them out. Along the way they meet all sorts of remarkable characters – like the ChipLovingPigeon who also loves to share his opinions about the citythe NightOwl with his promises of a fantastic night out, and the out-of-tune BarrelOrganMan. Will Hansel and Gretel ever gback to their parents, or are they going to fend for themselves?  

A bittersweet blend of opera
, drama, singing, hip-hop and dance make this sometimes grim Grimm’s fairy tale an unforgettable experience for the whole family – it’s an exciting, funny and moving coming-of-age tale with surprising video footage of your own home town.  

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