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Welcome to this glittering no-man’s land, somewhere between the ancient world of the Greek gods and today’s Europe. There are three young people here together, true children of their age. They effortlessly shift between Norwegian, Dutch and English as they circle around one another. 

In their search for love and affirmation they by turns display their perfectly proportioned bodies and share their deepest dreams. The thread running through this story is the myth of Narcissus and Echo. The young woman plays Echo, the girl who falls in love with Narcissus and is cursed to only repeat the words of others. The two men play Narcissus, the stunningly beautiful hunter who falls in love with himself. Echo’s love is unrequited, and nothing remains of her but her voice. Staring at his reflection from the water’s edge Narcissus is transformed into the familiar yellow flower – bright as a star – that bears his name. What will be left in 100 years that recalls these young actors?

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