Ten ways to know us

De Toneelmakerij & Theatre Day Productions 2015

Ten ways to know us is a project of Theatre Day Productions and 34 Dutch cultural organisations. TEN PLAYS - with and for youth - about Gaza was the result of this cooperation.

The first play ready for the audience comes from the theme “To find someone to dream with is more important than the dream.” 
The play is titled Looking for All of Us with kids from the Bahrain Prep Boys School, directed by Ashraf Al Afifi, and with guest actors from TDP’s training program.
The try-out was on March 29 2015 and a tour of 10 performances followed.

Liesbeth Coltof about Ten ways to know us

Liesbeth Coltof, artistic director of the Toneelmakerij, initiated with some Dutch creators Ten ways to know us. In her words:

What does your project Ten ways to know us?
“Theatre Day Productions in Gaza is a theater company, a stage and a training institute for actors. We have been working together for many years and I teach the student for already 16 years. Ten young Palestinian directors who live in Gaza are going to create theatre scenes based on the experiences of the children of Gaza. These pieces are played on the schools, its own theater, yards, etc.”

What is the importance of theater in Gaza?
“More than 370,000 children are traumatized by what they have seen and experienced. Now the war is over, a normal life must be started again. These children need urgent help to process their experiences and share it with each other in a safe environment. Watching theater and to play themselves can be a significant part in this process. There will be workshops so the children can talk about the traumatic experiences.”

How did you made this project possible?
“To realize this project, you need money and expertise. On the initiative of a number of Dutch theater (creators), including Adelheid Roosen, we adopted the young directors. This gives them a salary, some money for decor and transportation to the performances, and they can ask for artistic feedback. ”

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