The Aunties


Joris lives in an abandoned fish restaurant. An he's alone, too, because he hasn't got parents anymore. He doesn't make his bed, he drinks five litres of coke every day, reads comics and never puts the rubbish out. Then, one day, Auntie Cunera, Auntie Jo and Auntie Desiree come hammering at the door. They've come to teach their little nephew some manners, and before he knows it they've occupied his home. His aunts have got big plans. They want to reopen the family restaurant. They wash out Joris's ears and make him their manservant.

So thank goodness a tramp manages to gain entry into this fortress run by aunties. The aunts get wind up over the new occupant and a bloodcurdling battle ensues, with hot chili pepers, perfect disguises and blatant bribery.

The Aunties is an excuberant performance with doors that slam, men who play women, jokes that hurt and a child that needs to survive. About the bigger question: who is raising who?

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