Collaborating internationally and looking beyond our borders, is a core part of de Toneelmakerij’s identity. Besides our work in Amsterdam and the Netherlands, the company is very active in European collaborations, and has been for over ten years. De Toneelmakerij is the first Dutch member of the European Theatre Convention (ETC), the largest European network of public funded theatres. Chief dramaturg Paulien Geerlings is a valued board member, with a strong focus on diversity and gender equality.

She is the driving force behind ETC’s success project Young Europe, a prize-winning artistic collaboration program for young audiences. Also, de Toneelmakerij is part of the pilot of the ETC Green Book for Theatre, searching for new, sustainable ways of producing. Through the ETC Drama Committee, we share our new repertoire about pressing themes with our European colleagues. Furthermore, de Toneelmakerij is one of the fourteen partners of ACuTe, a large-scale collaboration project on theatre and new technology, funded by Creative Europe. Finally, we’ve recently started a collaboration with theatre makers in Surinam, exploring the colonial history of our countries, as well as our contemporary relationships.