Vladlena Sandu, The Rainbow Cinema

The Rainbow Cinema is a theatre project by Vladlena Sandu, based on her own experiences as an adolescent in Moscow, after the war in Chechnya. For this project she interviewed herself, as it were, on paper. This material will be the source for a new play for young adults, written by Sandu under the guidance of dramaturg Paulien Geerlings. The play is presented twice in De Toneelmakerij’s own theatre. A test audience of youngsters and theater professionals were present at these performances, during which the video-concept for the design is also tested.

Iana Gudzenko, Homesick: 378 days

Ukrainian director Iana Gudzenko joins forces with the Toneelmakerij and De Amsterdamse Jeugdtheaterschool to create a performance about the situation of today: that of a large group of people who have lost their homes, have had their families broken up, and must now try to find a new home in the Netherlands. But what exactly is home? Can it transcend language and cultural differences? And can you ever be at home anywhere if you are constantly aware of a war raging in the background? Homesick: 378 days is a documentary performance created and performed by a group of Ukrainian and Dutch youth. Together they explore themes of home, homesickness, war and integration. This performance was performed on March 9 in theater de Krakeling in Amsterdam.