With our production Rabbit Hole, De Toneelmakerij is one of the 14 partners of ACuTe, a pioneering and large-scale European project on theatre and new technology. ACuTe investigates the use of new technologies within theater in three categories: new dramaturgy, stage design and audience engagement. Rabbit Hole focuses on how we tell stories in theatre and on how audiences interact with those stories.


Outside Europe, we are developing a lasting relationship with theater makers Idi Lemmers and Maggie Schmeitz in Suriname. They were involved as writers in our Keti Kati project In Kleur 2023. In the following years, they will both make a production in Suriname, with artistic and business support from de Toneelmakerij. There is a great need among Surinamese makers to tell their own stories in their own country under their own conditions. However, there is hardly any infrastructure and a lack of (financial) resources. Youth theater company BonteHond in Almere, is also active in Suriname. We are in ongoing dialogue with each other and are exploring the possibilities of working together.